About Us



The founder, Gretchen, began after having two kids back to back. Life was way more hectic and exhausting so date night started to take a back seat. On the rare ocassion it did happen it was usually pretty monotonous, the same places with the same dinner.

It became common to hear complaints from her husband that he never knew what to plan, it felt like a chore when it was supposed to be a fun night. In an effort to get out of their dating rut and make their relationship a priority again, Gretchen began researching new places, events, breweries, classes, everything and anything that was new for them. Eventually friends started tagging along on their adventures. Then a light bulb went off and Denver Date Nite was born.



We understand the the dinner and a movie rut.  Trying to put something super unique and custom takes energy and even then, you can't always get access.


We know what you go through.  We lived it ourselves.  We know about the long hours at work, and that sometimes date planning just takes a back seat.


That's why we created Denver Date Nite.


It's our mission to provide new and unique experiences that you'll both enjoy.  Our planners find that perfect blend and whisk you away for a night that memories are made of.  


Answer a few foolproof questions and be sent on a mind-blowing customized adventure across town.  Get your night's itinerary planned to your exact taste, with a list of things you must try at each stop.


Who has time for the never-ending research and painful reservation bookings?  Let us handle it.  




Gretchen Bartek, Founder