About Us

Gretchen, the founder, is a native of the Metro Detroit area and married her husband Quay, a Denver native in 2010.  Coming to a new city and exploring is so exciting but after they had 2 kids, date night really took a back seat.

It became common to hear complaints from her husband that he never knew what to plan, it felt like a chore when it was supposed to be a fun night, so it just stopped being a priority.  In an effort to get out of their dating rut and make their relationship a priority again, Gretchen began researching new places, events, breweries, classes, everything and anything that was new for them.  Eventually friends started tagging along on their adventures. Then a light bulb went off and Denver Date Nite was born. 

It's so easy to get caught up going to the same places and it can be difficult to find the time to put effort into planning ahead. Not everyone loves the countless hours researching the off beat parts of Denver like we do so we decided to do it for you.

We love Denver and all that it has to offer. We are a huge community of small businesses and new ideas. These are the focus for Denver Date Nite. We try to go a little off the beaten path but stay within the guidelines and parameters you set - whether it's budget, location, or just overall vibe. We agonize over every date to ensure that it's a really unique and personalized experience.  We want you to walk away feeling like you had an amazing night with none of the work.