What type of mom are you celebrating this Mother’s Day? (Part 2)

What type of mom are you celebrating this Mother’s Day? (Part 2)

May 01, 2019

What type of mom am I?

It was just last week that I, mom of one toddler and one on the way, decided that I need/want a pair of wireless headphones. I was telling my fellow co-founders that while this was a bit spendy, I felt like it really was a functional gift. I mentioned that I felt like a minimalist mom when it all came down to it and thus we started chatting about the types of moms that exist.

We know every mom is unique and nobody completely fits into one bucket, but chances are the moms you are celebrating this year probably fit into one or more of these mom profiles. If your mom isn’t on this list, what type of mom is she? Keep this in mind as you look forward to our gift ideas blog next week.

The Functional Mom

AKA the minimalist mom, is always trying to get by with the least amount of things. Whether she hates clutter or just likes to find the most efficient way to do things, this momma loves finding multi-functional products to get her through the day. She is thoughtful, intentional, and loves watching her kids learn about the world around them.

The Activities Mom

From planning camping trips to making sandwiches for the basketball team, activities mom loves to make every experience fun. She is a world-class planner and seemingly thinks of everything. And when she forgets something important, this resourceful momma comes up with a solution faster than you can say, "MOM."

The 10K Mom

AKA the fitness mom. We know her because she always fits her workout in no matter how busy the week ahead is. Whether she’s training for the next 10K or meeting her friends at spin class, fitness mom always seem to have those endorphins moving her forward. Chances are she loves finding ways to work out when she is with her kids too. 

The Working Mom

The working mom wears so many hats. You love her for her silly jokes and lunch box notes. Whether your working mom works from home or the office, you have her on speed dial for all things Target runs and business advice too. She is strategic with how she spends her time because at the end of the day, she can't wait to be with her kiddos.

The SAHM or Stay-at-Home-Mom

AKA The Domestic CEO. Whether you love or hate this title, the truth is, this momma is running the show at home, at school and on the soccer field (or dance stage). She not only manages everyone’s schedule, but she prepares their breakfast, lunch and dinner, and loves doing it too. Her selfless demeanor and loving attitude make her worthy of every hug.

The Needs-Some-Sleep Mom

This is every soon-to-be (and first-time momma) out there! She probably doesn’t know how much sleep she needs yet, nor that she will soon need some time to herself. All of her waking moments will be focused on loving her tiny human in just a few short months. Don't forget to celebrate this momma this year – she is already hard at work bringing her new babe into the world.

The Fur-Baby Mom

We couldn't forget our dog-moms that dote over their sweet fur babies day-in and day-out. This mom wakes up early to take her dog outside before work and rushes home for cuddles. She also sends her best friend to doggy day care for a bit of socializing when she can. 

The Diamond Mom

This mom (yours) is truly one of a kind. The truth is, every mom is her own person and uniquely fits into your family. She may fit all or none of the mom types we came up with here but she definitely deserves a big ol’ “thank you for being you” this Mother’s Day. Stay tuned for gift ideas and ways to celebrate the mom(s) in your life next week.

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