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Unique Dates Around Denver For Grandparents To Take The Kiddos

Posted on April 12 2017

We love visits from grandparents!!  But they don't live here and don't know the best spots to go with the kiddos.  Yeah, yeah, we can all google the zoo or the children's museum but the lines are crazy and ticket costs can be nuts if you're not a member.  That's where Denver Date Nite comes in!  Our Custom Dates aren't just for the grownups - we happily do grandparent/kid dates too!  

We are always looking for fun ideas that everyone can enjoy together without being too stressful, too many lines, too far, or too crazy for grandma and grandpa to try to chase the kids.  With summer right around the corner, we thought what a great time to compile a list of some of our faves for kid/grandparent dates!

1. Denver Puppet Theater 

Cute, calm, engaging, and budget conscious.  For $8 per person you can come 30 minutes before the show and make paper puppets together.  They have a ton of real puppets that the kids can play with along with 3 or 4 different stages.  The show itself is 50 minutes so I would recommend kids aged 4 - 6 so they will stay in their seats.  

2. Capital Tea 

High tea was a huge hit for a date night for my daughter and I.  It's perfect with grandparents!  For $25 per person you arrive to this perfect little table set just for you.  The 3 tiered platter of treats was beautiful, made in house, and amazing!  It was plenty for a full lunch for all.  

3. Tiny Town 

So cute!  It's exactly what it sounds like, a tiny sized town - perfect for 2 - 3 yr olds.  There are trains to ride, room to run, and little trouble they could get into.  Pair it with an outdoor lunch in downtown Golden and maybe an ice cream cone for the perfect summer day.

4. My Make Studio

No mess, no fuss, all of the fun!  This cute south side studio has cakes and cupcakes all cooked up and ready to be decorated.  Great for ages 3 - 12 ...really any age.  I've done this more than once and really enjoyed myself (they sell beer and wine too).  They get free reign of all the decorating tools and materials included and the best part, you get to leave the mess when you're done.

5. Chatfield Botanic Gardens

So inexpensive at $5 PER CAR!  It's located in Littleton so not a far drive.  It's almost never busy and there's room to run with sight lines for miles!  It has the original farmhouse located on site with history for grandma and grandpa to enjoy, live animals and a playhouse for the kids to enjoy, and an easy hike that everyone can do together.




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