Top 5 Date Nights in Wash Park You Must Know

Top 5 Date Nights in Wash Park You Must Know

February 13, 2017

Washington Park, also referred to as "Wash Park", is not only one of the largest parks in Denver, but home to the most stunning, largest flower garden in the Denver metro area as well. This culturally diverse urban neighborhood is rich in beauty, history, lakes, outside activities, and is quickly growing in popularity with tourists and Denver residents alike for its unique scenery and endless experiences to offer. If you and you're seeking a fun and fulfilling date night, check out these top 5 date nights in Wash Park you must know:


1. Rustic-Chic Pizzeria, Craft Beer, and Arcade Games at Homegrown Tap & Dough

A Wash Park wood-fired, rustic-chic pizza gem that also offers the freshest ingredients, gourmet burgers, rare craft beers, a patio/courtyard to play cornhole outside, and an arcade game room inside. Be daring and try a jalapeno cocktail or enjoy other menu favorites such as their pasta in one of their ski-lift chairs. Pizza, burgers, pasta and games are always a winner!

2. Vintage Bakery Desserts & American Fare at Devil's Food

This quaint, vintage décor inspired bakery/restaurant lets you indulge in classic, refined American Fare while also offering a great bakery selection for dessert. Try their chicken pot pie, the monte cristo, and their highly rated dessert coffee and pastries. Or have tea served to you in large vintage mason jars and simply converse! 

3. French Accented Wine Bar at The Village Cork

Exquisite and elegant ambiance, friendly staff, innovative meals, and an impressive wine selection. Dazzle your date at this European styled wine bar/restaurant. The food is French accented American fare and ranges paleo-friendly meals to gourmet mac and cheese. Customers have described this spot as "romantic" and "personal".

4. Surf n Turf at Max Gill & Grill

Be adventurous with your date and eat from the sea at Max Gill & Grill. The crab cakes, oysters, and clam chowder are highly recommended. With a more causal vibe to it, sit back and welcome one of the best seafood fare in Denver. And if you end up preferring the prime rib instead, they perfect that too!


5. Music Venue and Art Bar at Syntax Physic Opera

Eccentric décor, live music, and creative small plates to share with your date. With shows every night on their schedule, from open mic nights to jazz nights, you're sure to be entertained at this art bar/restaurant/music venue. Their small plates are delicious and the cocktails are top-notch with unique names such as "Corn Punk" interestingly assigned to all. One of the coolest spots in all of Denver, an experience to share for sure!


Denver Date Nite scouts out all of the best places in Wash Park so that you can experience all that the upcoming neighborhood has to offer. Contact us for the perfect date night!

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