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The Guide To Gifts That Won't Collect Dust

Posted on November 21 2017

This is one of my favorite topics because it is the reason Denver Date Nite began.  When gift giving time comes around, who needs more stuff?  The gift of an experience, particularly one you can have together, is the ultimate way to show you care.  Having a hard time coming up with some ideas?  Check us out for some planning help.

In the meantime, here are a few ideas that we love!


1. For The Whiskey Lovers - $10 +

There is no shortage of distilleries in town and we love it.  From tastings and tours to cocktail making classes, there's something for every type of whiskey lover at any budget.  We're dying to try the tour at Bear Creek Distillery and the cocktail class at Leopold Brothers.


2. Pampering For Every Budget - $25

If your significant other could use a bit of extra pampering but you're watching the budget, reflexology is a thoughtful and cost effective gift.  There are several places around town to help them get relaxed without breaking the bank.  Be careful though, make sure it's a reputable one!  We all know of those "other" massage parlors that could have a backfire effect.  I recommend Min's Foot Massage-Relaxology in Aurora.  For only $25 an hour - it's a great choice.


Looking for over the top luxury?  You can't do better than the Four Seasons Spa.  Book any treatment (I recommend a massage) and laze around for hours using their amenities - hot tub, essential oil steam rooms, relaxation room . . . basically heaven. 

3. The Gift Of A Perfect Date - $39 +

Let them set the terms while you promise a custom new adventure.  Besides the fun of filling out the parameters, the anticipation of what to come is palpable and don't worry - we don't miss on the perfect date.  Not to mention - our clients get experiences that you can't find elsewhere.  We work with our locations to create custom experiences on site as well.

Check out our date options ranging from a private night together to a weekend adventure.

4. Adventure - $170 +

Oh, this one is definitely my favorite.  Denver has some amazing adventures.  My favorites, if you have the stomach for it, are glider rides with Mile High Gliding.  Let them tow the 2 of you up over Boulder in this engineless plane and hold on tight while they do some crazy acrobatics on the way back down.

Is that special someone feeling cooped up in the winter?  Try a guided ice climbing adventure with Denver Mountain Guiding.  Prices start at $170 for a half day session for 1 (or $200 for 2).  They won't get bored on this outing! 

5. Create Something Together

From cool wall hangings and six pack holders to dining room tables.  You can do a one night commitment with Upstairs Circus and make some really cool and not crazy time consuming crafts, while sipping on cocktails, for $35 per person. 

Or head over to I Made It and fulfill every dream you ever had of being a custom woodworker who makes their own furniture.  Whatever direction you go, it'll be a great experience that you can build together.

This time of year gets crazy and it doesn't need to be stressful.  It should be exciting! 

Need a break from the mayhem?  Remind them that they're more important than that cell phone and book a night out for just the two of you.  We promise to do all of the work and you can take all of the credit.


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