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A Little Tex Mex Before Beer

Posted on July 18 2016


1446 S Broadway

Things We Loved:

  • The Location.  This is a great addition to the South Broadway strip.  The land where breweries are plentiful and restaurants are scarce...good ones anyways.  A great stop before heading out for a brewery crawl.
  • The Food.  Unique menu, simple and straight forward, and well executed.  You fill out your own menu, think sushi style.  You begin by selecting how you want it - burrito, salad, fajitas, etc.  Everything is the same price, regardless of how many sides your get, so don't hold back.  Then you move onto your proteins (which include a number of meat free options), next vegetables, salsas, sides, etc.  They don't skimp on marinades or cuts and it shows.  Our highlights were the carnitas and barbacoa.
    • Locally Owned and you can feel it.  The owner, Kristen, running around answering questions and assisting where it's needed.  A place full off staff who are helpful and want to be a part of what makes it successful.  You just want to support them and what they're doing.
    • The Venue.  This building is beautiful and the history is evident with the stained glass windows, well loved hardwood floors, and crown molding.
    • The Margaritas.  Unique and thoughtful.  I'd come back just for these alone.  Our group opted for the Watermelon Rose and Cucumber Jalapeno.  My personal fave was watermelon.

      Things We Didn't:

      • The Kinks.  This place is brand new and they were very open about needing some time to work out some issues.  If I had to pick it apart, it would be speed of service.  Bree was amazing, we all loved her, she was personable and knowledgeable but obviously overwhelmed.  Maybe an extra server on the floor would've been the cure.
       We loved this place and will definitely be back.  There's a cozy upstairs full of two tops perfect for a casual date night.  If you're visiting with the kids, there are two fully fenced patios which is perfect for little ones who can't stay in their seat.  Our recommendation, get one of the specialty margaritas and don't forget to try the churros.  We think Acero is going to be around for years to come!



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