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Romance In The Rain

Posted on September 27 2017

We are all starting to feel the effects of the impending cold ahead.  Rainy days and cloudy skies are not a favorite of Denverites.  One way to stay upbeat, heat things up in the romance department.  While the rain may feel dreary, we think it can make for some extra romantic dates.  We put together some of our favorite ways to warm up with that special someone.


1. Spa Day

There are countless amazing spas all around Denver.  Book a couples massage together and enjoy some relax time.  The Four Seasons gives you free use of all of their amenities when you book - we're talking hot tub and steam room.  Or check out Luna Massage and their super unique couples massage class.  Grab a bottle of wine, load up some romantic tunes and get some hands on experience with one of their therapists.  


2. Find a Fire To Warm Up To

You don't have to have a fireplace at home - in fact, it can be even more romantic to get out.  There are a lot of options but some of my favorites include Colt & Gray, for a more upscale kind of night or grab a blanket and head to one of the outdoor firepits at Forest Room 5.  


3. Cozy Up For Some Live Music

There is no shortage of live music venues in Denver.  For a more intimate evening, try checking out one of the cities best jazz clubs.  Cozy up and enjoy the show while indulging in a shared dessert.  We love The Crimson Room and Nocturne for special time together.


4. Have Some Fun In The Kitchen Together

Try a new recipe together.  Pick something that'll warm you up and feel like comfort food and pairs well with a glass of wine.  We love the smell of fresh bread cooking or pasta is fun to try together.  Not great in the kitchen?  Try one of the local cooking classes together.  Cook Street has great date night options!


5. Hot Springs

Oh yes - I love a good hot spring.  You don't have to drive for hours to get to one either.  Idaho Springs is a quick drive.  Take your time, check out the scenery, book a private tub at Indian Springs and then grab a quick bite in town.  The perfect Saturday together.


Whatever you do, make it special.  We know how crazy life can be, so we're here to help.  Want to do something extra special to spice it up?  Have the time to spend the countless hours researching or do you find yourself going to the same places over and over?  Let the planners of Denver Date Nite break the rut.  We can custom tailor an adventure filled date that's perfect for the two of you.  There's no need to dread date night anymore!


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