New to Denver? Explore Unique Places with these These Date Ideas

New to Denver? Explore Unique Places with these These Date Ideas

September 17, 2018

New to Denver? Welcome neighbors! All the stress of a big move can put a little added strain on even the best relationship. After the boxes are unpacked and you've settled in, what better way to reconnect than exploring your new city together. Denver Date Nite is sharing some of the more unusual and unique spots around the Mile High City that you won't find in your condo's welcome packet. When getting to know your new home, save that trip to the Mint for when your parents visit and venture into the obscure.


Indulge Your Inner Child

Once you cross the threshold into Fifty Two 80's, you can't help but feel like a big kid again. Memorabilia, toys, and games abound from the 80's and 90's. Whether you're on the hunt for a replacement Star Wars action figure or you just want to wax nostalgic while perusing old Atari games, this is the place for you!


Super Sneaky Speakeasy

With a sordid Prohibition Era past, Denver is no stranger to the speakeasy. At B&GC, you can return to the days of hidden backroom bars and secret passwords with a modern twist. Visit their website to find a contact number. Then text the contact number and follow instructions to enter. Once inside enjoy some of the finest craft cocktails Denver has to offer.


It's a Kitschy Wonderland

Thanks to South Park, most people are familiar with the ornate pink stucco wonder that is Casa Bonita. If you're the kind of couple that doesn't take themselves too seriously, a night here can be loads of fun. Watching cliff divers jumping off an 85 ft high waterfall into the shimmering pool below is not your usual dining experience. Elaborately themed dining areas, magicians, fire jugglers, and the infamous Black Bart's Cave await at Casa Bonita. The spectacle of it all is something to behold, that's for sure.


Take A Walk On The Dark Side

Local tour operator, Dark Side Of Denver Ghost Tours, will educate and entertain as they share tales of debauchery & deceit. Learn the spookier side of history in your new city. This tour actually takes you inside some of the most haunted spots in Denver and lets you explore mysterious underground tunnels.

We know getting into a routine after a big move can be an adjustment. Denver Date Nite is here to help. Let us take the stress out of planning and help you win major brownie points! We can arrange the perfect date night, custom tailored just for you. Sure, you know where the post office and grocery store are now, but you have no idea where to take your spouse for a memorable evening. Let us help, we can arrange everything and all you have to do is enjoy!  

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