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Let's Get Physical

Posted on December 05 2017

We often get asked, how do you pick the topics you write about?  Well, we write about what our clients are asking for.  Our expert planners work to find the best and newest in date night options. 

We gain access to custom experiences at hand selected locations that are only available to our clients.  Looking for a VIP night without any of the stress?  Let our planners put something special together for you.

Lately we've been getting endless requests for something unique and active - I know, shocking in Colorado.  Here are some of our favorite picks to get busy together.

1.  The Axe Room

Dagar Denver is a fun and unique way to get a little friendly competition going.  Don't be scared, they have experts on site to make sure you're safe and get you to your A game before the competition begins.  

2. Top Golf

Even if you aren't the country club type, this is still fun.  They have the clubs there for you to use and they jazzed up the boring range routine by offering games and competitions.  Each ball is micro chipped so they can track where it goes, even if you lose track.   

3. Swing Dancing

Swingin' Denver is our favorite in Denver for swing classes and events.  They have something for everyone.  Even if you aren't into trying it, which you should be, they have fun opportunities to watch like their upcoming Speakeasy Soiree.  Tickets start at $20 and features live music, cocktails, performances and even a Charleston lesson.  

4. Ice Climbing

We all know that one couple that is hard core.  Winter can be a tough time for them and that's why we love Denver Mountain Guiding and their guided ice climbing.  What a completely crazy and adrenaline rushing idea for a date.

5. Paintball

I love this idea for all ages.  Taking some time to be a kid again, and get your heart pumping.  I promise you'll leave laughing.  The Paintball Coliseum is a great place to try it out.  They have indoor and outdoor options so it's perfect for any weather.

6. Spider Monkey Extreme Airsports

Yeah, you heard me right.  This indoor "trampoline park" is so much more.  Their list includes slacklining, trapeze, foam pits, and even a ninja obstacle course.  They do adult only hours too so you can be a kid without actually playing with kids.  


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