Keeping Date Night Alive After Having Kids

Keeping Date Night Alive After Having Kids

March 27, 2018

Having a date night when you have small children can seem impossible. After you have kids your day starts to revolve around them: when they need to eat, sleep, get a diaper change, and of course time spent playing with them. At Denver Date Nite, we believe in the importance of parent-kid quality time, but we also believe in the importance of frequent date nights with your honey! Here are a few ideas to keep date night alive when the kids are little:

Stay In Sometimes

Date night doesn't always require a night out on the town. You can even include the kids. Order takeout, pick out a movie the whole family can enjoy, and a second movie you and your partner can enjoy after the kids go to bed. You could even skip the takeout, cook dinner together, and get some snacks for the movies. As long as you don’t get in a rut where every date night involves Redbox and the couch, there’s nothing wrong with a laidback date night in from time to time.

Trade Weekends with Other Parents

If your kids have a friend they always want to spend time with, you might be able to trade weekends with their parents. Each of you would get one day a month for date night, and you would each babysit one day a month. As an added bonus, your kids get to spend more quality time with a good friend.

Hire a Trusted Sitter

You are a parent now, but that doesn't mean you can't take time for yourself. Taking care of yourself and your marriage is not only important for your own state of being, but you will be a better parent if you prioritize your happiness in this way. Ask for referrals from your parent friends, or use a site like that allows you to read reviews from other parents and request references and background checks.

Date night is still very possible, and making time for it can help to show your kids what a healthy, committed relationship looks like! If you need help planning your date, or if you are looking for more ideas, don't hesitate to contact us. Sometimes the best date nights actually involve the whole family- don’t miss our A Date for the Whole Family service!

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