Include Your Kids in Date Night With These Fun Family-Friendly Ideas

Include Your Kids in Date Night With These Fun Family-Friendly Ideas

August 14, 2018

Sometimes the best way to connect with your partner is by spending time with your kids. It is always great to see the smile on your kids' faces when they are enjoying themselves, and often kid-friendly events leave plenty of time for adult conversations.

Make it a win-win for the entire family by enjoying a few of the family-friendly outings in the Denver area. Here are a few ideas that make great dates for the whole family:

Denver Zoo

Zoos are always fun for the whole family, and the Denver Zoo is one of the best around. They have an extensive collection of animals from around the world and many events both animal and non-animal related. They even have adult date nights at the zoo, but taking the kids during the day ensures a great time for the whole family.

Denver Aquarium

As if a fantastic zoo wasn't enough, Denver has a separate aquarium that is equally amazing. The aquarium is split into nine different environments from around the world, and they also offer a 4D theater experience. While you're there, you can even catch a bite at their onsite restaurant that is one of the best restaurants you will ever find at an attraction like this. The kids will love watching the 50,000-gallon centerpiece aquarium while they eat which will give you plenty of time to talk to your date.

Renaissance Festival

If you have never been to a renaissance festival, now is a great time to try it. This medieval affair is great fun for the whole family from the food to the costumes and the numerous shows that take place throughout the festival. There is indeed something for everyone at the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, and the outdoor event offers ample time to walk and talk between features.

Elitch Gardens

Nothing spells family fun like a theme park, and Elitch Gardens is a shining example of a family park. There are rides for all ages mixed among other attractions and plenty of things to eat. You can spend all day enjoying rides then catch a drive-in movie on Friday nights all summer long.

Children's Museum of Denver

You probably think that a children's museum would be boring, but it really isn't. While the museum is geared toward kids, it will also bring out the inner kid inside of you. You will enjoy seeing how much fun your kids are having and you and your date will want to get in on some of that fun yourself.

Water World

There is no better summer fun than a water park, and Water World will keep you wet and wild all day. The whole family can enjoy themselves here and when it is time for mom and dad to relax you can pop over to the Caribbean family adventure park and soak up some sun on the beach chairs while the kids play in a water playground.

Rockies Game

Whether you have kids or not, catching a Rockies game is the perfect summer outing. There is something about a baseball game that encompasses everything there is about summer fun from being outdoors to the taste of a stadium dog. Don't forget to bring a glove so you can catch a foul ball for the kids or your love.

Spending time with family is more about who you're with, but where you spend that time helps. You may find that you have more fun with your significant other enjoying time with the family than over a stuffy dinner in an expensive restaurant. Being with the kids also reminds us of the important things in our relationships. One more benefit of a family-centered date is that you are setting an excellent example for your kids in their future relationships.

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