Having Kids Shouldn't Keep You From Making More: Getting Your Wife In The Mood

Having Kids Shouldn't Keep You From Making More: Getting Your Wife In The Mood

July 23, 2018

Daily carpools and diaper changes can really kill the mood for any fun in the bedroom. Ironically, your children, the light of your life, can cast a dark shadow on your sex life. It gets tough to make time for intimacy when the kids are around and you're both so exhausted from the full-time job of parenting.

Never fear! There are a few ways to get your wife ready to hop back in bed with you.

Help Her Out

After nine months of carrying a child, your wife deserves some time off. Unfortunately for her, the kids require her full devotion, but she doesn't have to do it alone.

Help her out with both the kids and the chores. Take turns changing diapers and feeding the baby. Drive the kids to school and pick them up from soccer practice. Do a load of laundry. Cook dinner once in a while. Helping your wife out with these tasks will make you seem more attractive and make her less tired. Do your part to ensure she won't be too exhausted for a late night rendezvous!

Make Her Feel Special

It's difficult to find time to spoil your wife when there are toddlers running around, but she's still the wonderful woman you married however many years ago. She deserves to feel beautiful, appreciated, and sexy. The little things go a long way here.

Try thanking her for all she does as a mother, or compliment her by telling her how beautiful she looks. Take notice if she buys a new top or changes her hairstyle. You could pull the oldest trick in the book, buying her flowers, or put a spin on that classic romantic surprise and buy her some new lingerie, a gift for both her and you. And remember, complimenting her looks and fashion isn't all there is. Ask her how her latest assignment at work is going and praise how dedicated she is. Compliment the delicious dinner she prepared and ask how she finds such great recipes. Nothing gets a woman feeling sexy like feeling appreciated.

Make It An Event

This is the big one, where it all falls into place. With sex such a rare commodity these days, any opportunity truly is an event. Treating date night, or the entire day, as special will make her more excited for the end of the evening. There are a few steps to achieve this effect.

  1. Plan Ahead: This isn't some last minute trip to Applebee's. This is THE date, so make plans ahead of time. Make a reservation at one of her favorite restaurant, maybe where you had your first date or where you proposed, far enough in advance to guarantee a good table. Book a babysitter for the night to send the message to your wife that this date will not be ending early.
  2. Build Up To It: The day of your date, send her texts while you're in the office reminding her how excited you are to spend time with her, or even leave a series of romantic notes around the house. "I can't wait to see how beautiful you look tonight," is a good place to start.
  3. Lengthen It: Make your date a series of mini dates. It could start in the morning. Take a run together. Remind her how fit you are and get her endorphins pumping.

Before dinner, break out the fancy wine, ya know, the one you were saving for a special occasion? THIS is that occasion.

Don't hesitate to catch a movie before or after dinner. A well timed rom-com can really get her in the mood.

At dinner, take your time. Order the fancy appetizer. Sip your wine. Cheers to your relationship, your family, and to this night. Once the food comes out, savor every bite, and savor the conversation you're having. Remind her again how gorgeous she is, and let her know that you know you're the luckiest guy in the world.

Once the plates are clean, wait patiently for the check and don't race home. You're a married man, not a high school senior on prom night. The date isn't over. Keep giving her your undivided attention, resisting every urge to let your mind wander to what's coming next.

When you really want to wow her and get your spark back, let Denver Date Nite do all the planning. Our The Perfect Night Out service is just that- the perfect evening out on the town, with us taking on all the logistics so you can just enjoy yourselves.

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