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Have You Seen The Way Back??

Posted on June 15 2016

The Way Back

4132 W 38th Ave.

Things We Loved:

  • Atmosphere.  It was cool, casual, comfortable - dress up, dress down, doesn't matter and we loved it.  It was trendy and modern but unpretentious and welcoming.
  • Staff. Sweet, helpful, great recommendations and super accommodating.  We even had a few sustainability questions around the fish that our server was unable to answer so she very kindly sent over the manager who was super helpful and friendly and clearly knew his background on the plates they were putting out.
  • The Food. Omigod the food! Whether you like sharing small plates, like me, or want a larger portion to yourself, it's there.  I LOVE small menus that are done really well and this menu was top 5 for me.  Great variety for all diets, beautiful plates, and flavors that invoked a lot of conversation at our table. 
  • The Drinks.  Cool drink menu with choices I would never have picked normally.  When I'm reviewing restaurants I love to go with our servers recommendations.  I ordered some sort of rum banana concoction that was well deserving of the recommendation, and the seconds that I ended up ordering.

    Things We Didn't:

    • The Location.  It's not really in the thick of any main strip so it's tough to walk somewhere exciting for the next stop.  It's also on a really busy street which makes the patio pretty noisy. 

    Overall, spectacular dinner and we can't wait to go back.  I will happily make the drive across town to visit The Way Back again.  The perfect stop for a foodie night out with friends or ask for one of their booths tucked in the back for a romantic dinner for two.  Perfect spot for an adults only evening.


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