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After School Date Night With My Little

Posted on December 01 2016

When my daughter was first born, I was lucky enough to have the choice to stay home with her.  It was an amazing experience and a decision I'll always be thankful for as it was the right choice for our family.  Since then we have had another child, I have started working, and she has become a full time big kid kindergartner.  With all these changes it is important to me that her and I are able to stay connected and have time to just the two of us.  This month our choice for a mommy/daughter date was high tea at Capital Tea on South Broadway.  We were going to have our very own real life tea party.

When we pulled up it was just beginning to get dark, my little was so excited in the back seat when she saw this place.  It was like something straight out of Stars Hollow with the Christmas decorated windows and twinkle lights.

We walked in and there was one perfect table set up, waiting for the two of us.


When I had originally called to make our reservation (which is necessary) I had been informed the cost would be $25 for me and $22 for my daughter.  It had struck me as expensive but after the experience was said and done, I think it's a steal!  

There were all sorts of decadent sandwiches and treats, all made in house and endless tea.  They hand you a list of over 90 teas to choose from, including some great herbal choices for the non caffeine drinkers.  The staff is amazing and check in on you regularly to see if you are ready to try a new one.  They made us feel like there was no imposition and they were excited to introduce the next selection.


The space itself was cheerful and relaxing, the owner engaging and overall, we can't wait to comeback.  High tea with Capital Tea was a date neither of us are soon to forget and excited to do all over again.  If you're looking for a great place to go with grandma, a girls afternoon, or even a baby shower, put this one to the top of your list.  


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