Don’t Just See Denver: Live It

Don’t Just See Denver: Live It

October 08, 2018

If you are lucky enough to live in or visit the Mile-High City, you know it has a lot going on.  While you’d be hard pressed to take part of it all, we highly recommend trying. But beyond grabbing a bespoke cocktail at a speakeasy or a fish-tastic lunch at a new poke joint, there are ways to get inside the action. And, lucky for you, we have that insider information to share.

Experiential outings are on trend, and for good reason. These events provide rich opportunities to share be-in-the-moment moments. On our end here at DDN, we have the contacts and the expertise to scout out an adventure that suits you and your honey to a tee. And, moreover, we will plan a day or evening-out that gives you something new. So if you’re ready to lean into life, read on about three of the many hand-on nights out we have planned this fall.

1. Burrata Making. What’s burrata, you ask? Italian cheese pulled straight out of one of heaven’s clouds, that’s what. A soft, round ball of “yes please”, with the shell of fresh mozzarella and an inside filled with creamy, cheesy wonder. During this night out, a couple went to Sarto’s Italian Eatery where the chef welcomed them into the kitchen for a one of a kind lesson. They learned from the best, and made a plate full of the Queen of Cheese with their very own hands.

2. Oyster Shucking. In another kitchen adventure, a happy couple went to Mario's Ocean Club for a mollusk of a good time. They shucked their own oysters, then made cocktail sauce and ceviche. And they ended the affair the only way you could: popping a bottle of champagne and settling into a cozy table to enjoy the spoils of their efforts.

3. Spin Your Partner. No, it’s not square dancing. (But please call us immediately if we can plan a square dancing date. Seriously.) It is, however, another blast from the past that is making a comeback in a high-stepping, big-band blaring kind of way. Swing Dancing, friends! We planned a night out for a couple that centered around private dance lessons at Swingin’ Denver. They gave us the night that they could get out of the house, and we did the rest. So after a few clicks into our questionnaire, and then showing up at their specified time, these two got a private crash course in jitter bugging and general boogie woogie-ing.


Denver Date Nite is here to make sure your night, or day, or week, is planned with you in mind.  Whether that means an event that is lowkey or high impact, or anything in between, we’ve got you. So join us for a tailor-made, out-of-the-box adventure. We can’t wait to hear from you

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