Denver's Top 7 Coffee Shops for Founders and Early-Stage Teams

Denver's Top 7 Coffee Shops for Founders and Early-Stage Teams

May 14, 2019

As an early-stage Denver startup and founding team of three, we are often searching for the perfect coffee shop.

What does this mean for us? Since we work remotely part of the week, we need a place where we can collaborate and work comfortably on the other days. We want delicious coffee, breakfast, then enough outlets to keep us powered throughout the day. Snacks are essential when our stomachs override our brains.

We were recently discussing our meeting location a couple of weeks ago and decided that other teams had to be in similar situations. So, whether you work remotely all the time, as a team, or occasionally to get away from the office, here are our top 7 all-time-favorite coffee shops to meet up at for a productive workday and great food.

We often break down our favorite places to work by the following:

  1. Central location- can our downtown cofounder get there just as easily as our South-Denver cofounders?
  2. Ample long-term parking options- so we don't have to move our cars every couple of hours
  3. Availability of outlets so we can recharge
  4. Coffee and food options need to be top notch (obviously)
  5. Vibe- can we focus when we need to but strike up a conversation without bothering anyone?

Based on that criteria, check out some of our favorite coffee shops for founders and small early-stage teams working in Denver.

Rivers and Roads Coffee: Let's start with the important part here - their pastries are made in-house and they are delicious. There are a variety of healthy food options and there are a variety of ways to take a quick break from the diet. The homemade pastries are a must though! The parking is great. While the parking lot only has a few spots, street parking is never a problem. This place is off the beaten path and offers a great ambiance to work. You can bring your dog on the patio, there are garage doors they open for a breeze, and you can eat homemade pastries! There are ample plugs along the exterior walls and the space is flexible so you can put two tables together if you need a plug and have a few people joining you.  

Thump: There are a couple of locations to pick from but we worked at the Capital Hill location which has a parking lot behind the building. This was a big help but we were able to find street parking a block away and didn't have to worry about the 1-hour limit right in front of the coffee shop. You will want your computer charged when you go to Thump. While there were several plugs available when the coffee shop first opened, some adjustments had to be made when people took advantage of the coworking space feel. The atmosphere is very comfortable and we were uber productive here, but we all had fully charged computers! The plugs are limited. The food was a standout (you HAVE TO try their avocado toasts!). We all ate lunch, ordered something different, and decided to share because we all had order envy. If you want a comfortable space to work all day, this is a great choice.

Devil's Food Bakery:  Sinful, just sinful. The pastries here are absolutely the very best! We pick this location to work often because we cannot stay away from the food. Okay, the savory items are also delicious. But, the sweets are amazing! If you are in for cup of tea, this is also your place. The service is great and the space is so cozy. The downfall here is that there are no plugs. Make sure you are fully charged and you can work as long as you need on your battery. This is often our pick for shorter work days or quick meetings due to the lack of plugs. The parking is workable. There is often street parking and plenty of neighborhood parking if the street spots are full. The parking out front is limited to two hours but the surrounding neighborhoods do not all have the same limits.  

Improper City: The great thing about Improper City is that it was set up like a coworking space. There are plugs at many of the seating areas/tables, there is a phone booth for private calls, there is a great outdoor area, and there is a bar for the end of a long work day. We love working here all day. We start with coffee in the morning and finish with wine in the evening (ok, afternoon). The food offerings by Improper City are limited but the morning snacks are good and they have food trucks available in the afternoon. For breakfast try their bacon breakfast burrito or pastries fresh from Izzio Bakery down the street. The treat is when the food trucks shows up in the courtyard though. While parking is a little tough here due to the construction in the area, you won't have to walk more than a block or two in order to cozy up in a velvet mid-mod couch or high-top workspace.

Wash Perk: Just west of park, this coffee shop is delightful. The vibe is relaxed and the drinks are delicious! The feeling of an old book-store-turned-coffee-shop makes you want to sit there as long as possible. There are standard food offerings such as burritos, pastries, breads, etc. Then when you are ready for lunch you MUST walk around the corner to Vert!  You will be happy to have walked a few blocks for this must-try Denver lunch spot. Wash Perk gets busy so be sure to get there early and grab a table. We had no issue finding a table and plugs for the three of us. We love this neighborhood coffee shop for its easy parking and friendly vibe. While it is street parking, we always find a spot, no problem.

Spur Coffee: If you have not had the avocado toast (and taken a picture of it) at Spur, have you even lived? Our team often picks this spot to work, simply to eat the avocado toast for lunch or breakfast or both! The food at Spur is worthy of an all-day work session. The parking is not as great as the food however. There are a few spots behind the building but after that you are working with meters or 2-hour parking along Lincoln. If you score a spot in the parking lot, you are all set. The plugs here are plentiful. I cannot think of a table at which we have sat that did not have access to a plug. This makes those long work days easier, knowing you will not have to move locations if your computer dies. This is a great option for an all-day work marathon, although I do wish they opened before 8 a.m.

2914 Coffee: This Jefferson Park gem is often overlooked. Its tucked away on 25th and you will miss it if you blink. Don't skip this one. Plugs are available if you don't sit at the tables in the middle!  Everyone is so friendly and the vibe is very welcoming. The food choices do not disappoint either. Their breakfast sandwiches are delish and make for a great lunch. Sarto's is next door if you want a bigger lunch, and they are amazing! Parking is not typically a problem either. There is two-hour street parking and we have never had a problem getting a spot. The surrounding neighborhood is also worth checking out, there are a lot of great places to explore.

Our list could go on but we wanted to share just a few of our favorites. Sometimes getting out of the house or office for a workday can be just what you need to get those creative juices flowing.

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