A Night Out (of the Ordinary)

A Night Out (of the Ordinary)

November 14, 2018

It gives me no pride to admit that, sometimes, the idea of going out with my spouse doesn’t pass the cost-benefit analysis of it all. I mean, I want to hang out and spend time with my guy, but what are we going to do? Eat and watch a screen? Because I have a television that is larger than I thought I was bargaining for when I said my vows, and there is definitely a bag of delivery pizza leftovers frozen somewhere in around here.

But what about getting out there and doing something else? A night out where you challenge yourself, learn a new skill, and get your blood pumping. Now that changes the equation. So if you’re ready to put some of that magic you put into work, parenting, and all of the other places into your story as a couple, here are some activities to get you started:

Axe Throwing. This is a throwback trend in the most literal sense: it is a pastime from way back, and it’s all about throwing. Axe throwing makes a great date night or group hang. Or maybe you just need to blow a little steam solo? It is a serious stress reliever, after all, as well as some solid cardio. And you don’t need any expertise to get in on the action. Check out Bad Axe Throwing for your next outing.

Bow Fishing. Why not work up an appetite while you earn your own meal? Through Frontier Bow Fishing, you can charter a boat and a guide will take you on one of three lakes to hunt for common carp using a cross bow. Not only will you get to try a new skill, but you will leave with fish to grill, fry, or smoke. And as an added bonus, you’ll be doing your part to help dwindle the population of a tasty but invasive species.

Primitive Hot Springs. There is nothing better than sitting in a hot spring. But you can take it up a notch by adding a sense of adventure, some physical exertion, and a whole lot of nature. I’m talking about the hot spring pools still in their natural state, nestled in the hills and just waiting for a very lucky couple of hikers. Try the Piedra River Hot Springs, accessible through a moderate-to-easy hike, to dip out of modern life and into bliss.

Drop-In Improv. You want out of your comfort zone? Then here’s a challenge to accept. Lean into the unknown, in many ways, and check out this no-commitment-required improvisation class at Denver’s VooDoo Comedy Playhouse.

One-Off Art Class. Adult art classes don’t have to be of the paint by number variety. While leaving the plan up to someone else can be a good time, those of you looking to flex your creativity and unique vision may want something a little different. If so, look out for opportunities with your local artists. Take, for example, an evening of indigo dying at Art Garage, a funky artist co-op space that does everything from kids birthday parties to adult gatherings.

An evening just for the two of you can be more than just dinner, and greater than a pit stop in the chaos of life. It might take a little bravery and vulnerability, but don’t all of the truly worthwhile things in life demand that state of mind? If you want the adventure without the time it takes to research and plan, come talk to us at Denver Date Nite. We’ll do it for you.

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