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Something For The 30 And Up Crowd

Posted on May 11 2016

The Rosedale

1135 E Evans Ave

Things We Loved:

  • The Location.  We are always on the look out for places on the South side that aren't full of DU students.  While there's nothing wrong with the students, I'm just too old to be hanging around a bunch of college kids but still like new trendy spots to check out.  This location, at the corner of Downing and Evans, really hit the mark for me and was perfect for the 30 and up crowd (and their kiddos).  The building itself was pretty awesome too.  They did a major overhaul and it shows.  It's trendy, modern, clean, but laidback and comfortable.

  • The Vibe.  This place was full of staff that was happy to be there.  The owner stopped by the table for a chat and he was funny and welcoming but didn't stay too long.
  • The Creativity.  They were hosting a crawfish boil, which is why we came, and I thought it was awesome.  It was a creative idea and the food was legit.  The owner expressed to me that he wanted to create a family vibe and he definitely accomplished that.  We were talking with strangers, making new friends and having a blast.


  • The Happy Hour. Ok, so we weren't actually there for it, but knew we would be back when I heard that they did $1 oysters everyday from 3-6. 

Things We Didn't:

  • The Organization.  So, this is actually two fold. The first was actually pretty minor and likely attributed to the fact that we came for their very first crawfish boil.  The food ran a good bit behind schedule than what we had originally been told but the owner personally came around and apologized and explained some kitchen issues they were having.  The second was our server.  He seemed crazy nervous and was having really hard time pulling it together.  He gave our kids food to another table on accident, forgot drinks, and then forgot to charge 4 people for their crawfish boil.  When I brought it to his attention he looked terrified.  Maybe it was his first night, you never know.

Overall, we really had a great time and plan on coming back.  The owner said that as summer gets into full swing, they will be doing the Crawfish Boil every Sunday night.  Our recommendation is to check it out!  While we didn't feel that this is the ideal location for a super intimate date, we did have a blast and will return with friends and family.


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