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Taco Tuesday Anyone?

Posted on April 18 2016


1294 S Broadway

What We Loved

  • Location.  We love a place that you would miss if you werent specifically looking for it. This unassuming location is in the heart of the booming South Broadway.  
  • The Drinks. Get the margarita.  This is the 3 time winner of margarita of the year in Denver.  They are constantly experimenting and have great suggestions - take their suggestions!  
  • The Food.  Mocaljete is the way to go!  This spicy, soupy, meaty, cheesy bowl of goodness (which features cactus) is a steal at $24 as it’s a healthy portion for two.  Great call for date night on a budget.  They also do taco Tuesday which features $1 tacos but the wait gets really crazy so be there at 5pm to avoid it and take advantage of happy hour, which ends at 6.
  • The Vibe.  Trendy, hip, casual, and full of staff that is genuinely happy to be there.  Colorful wall paintings all over and an awesome communal table for those looking for a more social experience.  
  • The Service.  Great people with even better recommendations.  They are friendly and helpful.

What We Didn’t

  • The Amount of People.  Tuesdays specifically are pretty overwhelming, other week nights aren’t so bad.

There is really not much that we don’t love about Adelita’s.  The staff is fun and attentive, the food is on point, and we always leave looking forward to the next time we get to do it all over again.  They are top of the list for local favorites.  My tip is probably to avoid Tuesdays as they’re just so crazy and the wait quickly gets to upwards of 90 minutes.  You can leave this place stuffed and satisfied for less than $50 for the two of you so log it away for the next time you need a night out on a budget.  And, if you're coming in a group of 5 or more, they will take a reservation - though they don't like to advertise it.


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