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A West Wash Park Gem­

Posted on April 14 2016


295 S Pennsylvania St

Things We Loved ­

Trendy and Romantic. It’s a small venue with perfect lighting, making it perfect for a foodie date.

Shared Plates. Not only do you get to try more dishes than at your typical entrée establishment, but it keeps you and your date connected and engaged with one another.

The Food. I could go on and on here. But let’s hit the highlights. Meatballs over polenta were phenomenal. Pork cheek ragu with homemade pasta is the best item on the menu in my opinion.  Rabbit two ways: if you’re up for trying something new, go for it – it was cooked to perfection.  Halibut was a special for the night but if they are doing it again, get it!

The Service. Awesome service. Attentive, but not too attentive and had really solid recommendations. (Thanks, Steven!!)

S’mores. Yes, s’mores make a category unto themselves. You get to make them at your table over an open flame. It’s a really cute and unique way to end your experience.

Things We Didn’t ­

The Noise. It was a little loud for such a small place. We weren’t yelling but we were close.

Swing and a Miss Sea Food. As for the squid ink vermicelli, we wanted to love this but it just tasted like salty seafood.

Will we be back? Absolutely! We are already craving that pork cheek ragu. The weather was a little cold when we were there but we did peek at the patio and it looked cozy ­ looking forward to sitting out there next time.

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  • Edith Andersen: May 16, 2016

    Look forward to trying it out. Thanks for posting.

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