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5 Easy Ways To Show Her You Care

Posted on June 20 2017

We all know that old saying "a happy wife equals a happy life" and I think we all know how true that statement really is.  It doesn't have to be costly or time consuming - just a simple gesture to blow her out of the water.  Here are a few tips for this week that might just win you the title of Husband Hero.

1. Grab Some Flowers

Plan an extra ten minutes to stop in at your local Whole Foods or King Soopers to grab a quick bouquet.  Grab someone in the floral department to wrap it up nice and your $10 bouquet suddenly looks like $50.  Their magic can take that grocery store look right out of it!

2. Maker Her Coffee

A sweet routine like this in the morning shows that you're thinking of her and requires very little additional effort from what you're already doing.  Feeling extra lovey?  Drop a note with it telling her to have a great day.  It may sound corny to you but it means everything to us :)

3. Give Her A Night Out

Join forces with some other husbands and pick a night the ladies can go out.  You don't have to get a sitter since you'll be on duty and you don't even need to do the planning with Denver Date Nite and our effortless Group Date option around.  I don't think I can accurately describe the major brownie points you'd score on this one and it would likely take you 10 minutes or less.

4. Send A Quick Text

Take a minute during your lunch to send a quick text message telling her you love her. Yeah yeah, over the top smooshy but she'll love it. it right now you'll see the change in the greeting you get when you get home.  


5. Plan A Night Together.

Book the babysitter and check out our Custom Date Night.  Bam, you're done.  An awesome night in less than 15 minutes.  You'll still get all of the credit 0- we're very discreet ;)  



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