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5 Mistakes People Make On a First Date

Posted on January 31 2017

So, your big day is finally here! No...not your wedding day (let's not get ahead of ourselves!), we're talking about your first date. By now you've probably already stalked their social media, chosen your perfect outfit and arranged a secret text code with your friends in case you need to be rescued. Now you can sit back, relax and make sure to avoid the common mistakes people make on a first date.

1. Lack of focus.

No one likes being ignored, it's even worse when you're ignoring your date to scroll through your social media feed. As a safeguard, don't even have your phone on the table, because if you don't see it, you won't feel tempted to pick it up! Don't worry, you can catch up on the latest hashtags later. 

2. Zip it.

While communication is a necessary part of every successful relationship, it's important that you don't talk your date's ear off! A conversation should be a two- way street, not a one way Autobahn. Of course, when you're nervous it can be extremely difficult to suppress the need to talk...but try..please try. You want your date to remember how amazing you made them feel, not how much you talked.

3. Ex out.

While it's true that everyone has at least one ex, it's not true that you need to tell your new date all about them right away. If they ask about your past relationships, it's ok to mention the last person you dated, but don't dwell on it. If you decide you want to keep seeing them, you will have plenty of time to tell them about the time your ex so rudely dumped you via text message. 

4. Try not to pry.

If you find yourself wanting to ask your date how much money they make or what their mother's maiden name is...resist the urge! No one like to feel as if someone is asking too many personal questions, let alone someone they just met! If all goes as planned you'll be filing your joint tax return next year, and you can finally know exactly how much they make!

5. Have fun.

Many times, people go on a first date and they're so nervous that they forgot to have a good time. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment. And remember if this person isn't the one, there's plenty of time for more amazing first dates with other people.

If planning isn't your thing, don't stress yourself out by worrying.  Let Denver Date Nite alleviate the load by planning that perfect first date with opportunities to bail if it isn't going well or places to continue on if it is.  Whatever your situation, we've got you covered.


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