3 Upcoming Events in Denver That Create the Perfect Date

3 Upcoming Events in Denver That Create the Perfect Date

August 06, 2018

We know choosing the perfect date can be daunting, but we are here to help our fellow Denver couples. We've created a list of three upcoming events in Denver that will entertain you and your babe, while also creating memories that last!

Jam the Night Away at Reunion '69/ Reunion '85!

Located at Byron Theatre until August 26th.

Reunion offers an immersive environment to enjoy improvisational comedy and decade-driven music. Guests get to choose a fictitious identity, have drinks, and meet old or new friends, all while listening and dancing to an awesome band! The best part is you get to rewrite your past. Curious what the backstories will be? No problem: you can check them out on Reunion's website along with other important details.

Enjoy a Live Showing of Cry-Baby: The Musical

Located at The Bug Theatre until August 18th.

Based on the 1990 cult classic film by John Waters, Wade Walker "Cry-baby" falls for a rich "square" named Allison but has to put up with Baldwin, his main competition. Baldwin leads his pals against the "drapes" (a Baltimore juvenile delinquent), which leads to all of the drapes being arrested for arson and sent to prison. To find out how it ends, take your lover out and enjoy this classic comedy!

Relax at the Skyline Beer Garden Festival

Located in downtown Denver until October 27th.

Nestled in the heart of downtown, the Beer Garden offers a fun and comfortable environment with 40,000 square feet of outdoor area and tented seating. Games include ping-pong, 9-hole miniature golf, and cornhole. On Fridays and Saturdays they also have live music. The Beer Garden focuses on Colorado and hand-crafted brews, offering a collection of 12 different brews on tap. You can also indulge in street tacos, fresh salads, or German pretzels!

Don't care for making reservations, searching for new ideas, or building your itinerary? Expert planners at Denver Date Nite will plan your perfect date, leaving you stress-free and ready to enjoy a night with your other half! Not ready to commit to a subscription? Check out our one time bookings options

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