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3 Reasons Why Date Night Is So Important

Posted on February 08 2017

When you first began seeing your partner, date nights were probably a regular part of your routine and something you both looked forward to: you remember getting ready in front of the mirror and making sure you looked your best, excitement and a bit of nervousness, and how great it felt to walk into a crowded restaurant holding his hand.

As the years go by and you get busy with kids and careers, it's common for date nights to take a back seat and become less central to your relationship. This is really too bad because date nights enhance and add magic to your relationship, no matter how long you've been together. Here are three reasons why date night is so important:

Date Night Brings Back the Romance

After a while, you start to see your husband as that guy who needs to take the garbage out when he gets home or your wife as the person you need to discuss health insurance with instead of seeing each other as romantic partners. Having a chance to dress up and go out on the town away from home-related chores and tasks brings romance back to your life. If you never stop dating your spouse, the spark never has to die.

Date Night Helps Add Novelty

Studies have repeatedly shown that couples who participate in novel experiences together report greater relationship satisfaction and long-term experience. It's way too easy to get stuck in a relationship rut of watching TV together after work and then going to sleep. Regular date nights where you try new restaurants and check out cool events or museums will add novelty and excitement to your relationship no matter how long you've been together.

Date Night is a Great De-Stresser

Date nights are a great way to reduce stress together. Taking a few hours away from work, the kids, and housework will help you feel more calm and less anxious and worried.

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