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To EatWith Or Not To Eat With

Posted on June 06 2016

Our Hosts: Mariana and Bruno

EatWith is relatively new to the Denver area so I feel like I should kick this blog off with an explanation.  This program began in Israel as a way to meet new people and experience new cuisines.  It took off like crazy and eventually made it's way to Denver.  Basically you log onto the site,, and have the opportunity to choose whose home you would like to dine in.  Each chef has a niche that is unique to them and the menus and price points vary.  We chose Mariana and Bruno as they were the pioneers bringing the EatWith program to Denver.  Their reviews were perfect, their menu interesting, and their Brazilian backgrounds were new to us and something we wanted to learn more about.  So with that, let's get started:

Things We Loved:

  • Our Hosts.  This really takes a certain type of personality to pull it off and they both had it!  They were warm and welcoming, gracious answering our endless questions, and exceedingly brave to host a bunch of strangers in their home.  Walking up to the house all 4 of us were feeling a little awkward but upon entering we were greeted with rum cocktails, a beautifully set table, and a feeling of ease among our hosts that helped to put us at ease pretty quickly.
  • The Menu. It was thoughtful, true to tradition, and transitioned nicely from course to course.
  • The Originality. It's no mystery that we love new experiences - that's what Denver Date Nite is all about, so this was an obvious match.  I think it's creative and brave and there's definitely an element of mystery that we enjoyed.  Not knowing who we would dine with, making new friends, and enjoying food we had never experienced was all well worth the trip.
  • The Food.  It was made with love and traditional ingredients.  I loved how they explained each meal, the ingredients used and where to source them locally.  When we arrived I was starving and so excited that I completely spaced photos of the first two courses. 
  • Ending Note.  Their homemade dulce de leche was so yummy and we learned a new way to experience coffee which we plan on duplicating at home soon!  It was fun to see the transition from the beginning of the meal which was quiet pleasantries around the table to the end of the meal which consisted of multiple conversations, laughing and phone number swapping. 

    Things We Didn't:

    • The Date Aspect.  This isn't going to be where you go to enjoy some one on one time.  It's risky who you'll be dining with and that could really make or break your night.  While I enjoyed myself, not everyone clicked, I was lucky.

    Overall, we had a great time, loved our hosts and the food.  We would do the experience again but next time I think we will book all 8 seats for ourselves and a few friends.  This would be a great time if you have some friends visiting from out of town or a double date!



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