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10 Date Night Myths Debunked: Get the Romance Back NOW!

Posted on December 17 2016

Have you been considering enjoying a date night in Denver?

Are common misconceptions keeping you and your partner from having the best possible night out on the town?

If that's the case, it's time we help you with a little myth-busting. Read on to have 10 date night myths completely debunked:

Myth #1 – Date Night Has to be Expensive

The truth is completely the opposite. Date nights are about spending time with your partner, having fun, and enjoying each other's company – the last time we checked, all of those things are completely free.

Myth #2 – Every Second MUST BE 100% Romantic

A lot of couples feel pressured to "make it romantic" on their date nights. Remember, the goal is to simply enjoy each other's company. Not every single second of every minute on your date night has to be pure ecstatic romance. Relax, unwind, look into one another's eyes, and the romance will come.

Myth #3 – Date Nights Are Only for Special Occasions

The notion that a date night has to be for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary is completely false. While it's certainly nice to go out on these occasions, it's by no means required. Trust us, your significant other will love a surprise date night "out of the blue." 

Myth #4 – You Both Have to "Dress Up"

Dressing up can be fun, but by no means is it a requirement*. Date night is about connecting with one another and having some fun... so of course it's all right to let loose, dress casually, and see where the night takes you.

* Note: sweatpants are still forbidden. 

Myth #5 – Date Nights Are Boring for Him

Who's to say he doesn't want to get out of the house just as much as you do? The idea that all men prefer to sit around on the couch is a total falsehood (not to mention slightly offensive). 

Myth #6 – You Have to Go Alone

While one-on-one date nights are very important, there's no reason why a date night can't turn into a double date night. You might even be doing your couple friends a huge favor by giving them a great excuse to get out of the house and actually have some fun.

Myth #7 – Your Kids Will Freak Out/Steal The Car/Join a Gang While You're Gone

Relax. Your kids will be fine for a few hours.

Myth #8 – You Have to Plan a Date Night Days or Weeks in Advance

Not true! Last-minute date nights in Denver are easy to pull together. With so many different things to do in this city, you'll never be bored – even if you decide to go out on a complete whim.

Myth #9 – Planning a Date Night is Hard

With our help at Denver Date Nite, planning a fun, romantic date night couldn't be easier. It's ridiculously affordable too.

Myth #10 – Denver is Boring

This couldn't possibly be further from the truth! After you've lived somewhere for a while, it's easy to get settled into your routine – don't let your "blind spot" keep you from making new discoveries.

At Denver Date Nite, we know about the most enjoyable locations and activities that our wonderful city has to offer. With our help, you and your partner can rediscover why you fell in love with Denver in the first place – and each other.


Need some help with your next date night?  Let the experts at Denver Date Nite take care of it for you!

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  • Edith: December 17, 2016

    Taking the time, putting it on top of your to-do list means that you are serious about your relationship. Denver Date Night makes it easy.

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