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Rachel Martinez

Posted on April 15 2016

We had Denver Date Nite plan a date for us on Saturday November 7th. It was easy to set up on my part. I just answered a couple of questions about what kind of night I wanted to have and DDN took it from there. They started us out with a dinner reservation at Bistro Vendome, a place that I had never been to, despite my husband working right across the street from the restaurant. I had told DDN that I liked French food, and was a bit of a foodie and this place hit the mark exactly. Great food, great service, and great atmosphere.

After our dinner we were able to walk to our next destination for drinks and crafts. I was not sure if my husband would be so into it, but he was a good sport about checking something new out, and he actually really enjoyed it as well. Crafts are not just for the ladies! He build a magnetic key holder which is something he has actually been wanting for a long time! It was a clever idea to be able to have cocktails while doing something creative, something that I would have never thought of for a date night.

Being 6 months pregnant (which I told DDN about) it is a little hard to plan dates that are still fun and involve something besides dinner and a movie. We were able to stay within the budget that we gave DDN with the planned activities. Even though I was not able to partake in the cocktail portion, it was great to be able to do something that was different, that I would have never thought up on my own. On top of that, it was nice to have it thought up for me and not have to spend the time, which is spare these days, to research the possibilities myself. I will definitely use Denver Date Nite again and would recommend the service to anyone who would like to switch up the old and boring date routine!

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