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Amanda LaFleur

Posted on April 15 2016

We had our first "date" with Denver Date Night last night (my husband and I have been together about 8 years). They were able to help us the day of our date as we hit a dead end in planning our date ourselves. It was so great to answer some questions online and not worry about it the rest of the day.

DDN had our best interest in mind and kept us away from Parade of Lights traffic. We took an Uber to our first destination, Beatrice and Woodsley. My husband and I had always talked about trying it, but it never came up when we planned dates on our own. It was so great to try something we were always meaning to. The food, staff and the atmosphere were perfect!

After we grabbed another Uber to La Cour Art Bar where a reservation was waiting for us upstairs. While I am not a huge fan of Jazz (which is on me since I didn't think to tell DDN), we seriously enjoyed ourselves! We noshed on delicious french desserts, amazing Fench wine, and both really enjoyed the band (even me!). The crowd was a bit older than us, but we made friends with all our table-neighbors. I especially loved the couple dancing in the little hallway. So made our evening! La Cour happened to be only a few blocks from our home so we finished the evening with a lovely walk just the two of us.

The whole evening was perfect, exactly what I asked for (comfy, cosy, romantic, great food) and we loved trying both places that were new to us! We will definitely use DDN again and again.

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