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  • Stop Failing Her Date Night Test

    Denver Date Nite Breaks You Out Of The Rut By Sending You On An Unforgettable, Tailor-Made Date Night Adventure.

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No, She doesn't want to "just stay in tonight."

Whether you like it or're in charge of date night.  You want to knock her socks off, but you're too damn busy to plan the perfect evening.

We Turn Guys Like You Into Date Night Legends

Denver Date Nite believes date night is for showing your girl a good time.

We plan your entire evening out, specially made for the two of you.  Experience the area's hottest places and best-kept secrets, all designed to remind her that you're the man.

Crafted Just For You

We learn what you two are all about, so you get the perfect night out

Don't Lift A Finger

Save countless hours on researching new ideas and making reservations.  We've got it all covered.

Not The Average Date

Our multi-stop itineraries take you on an exciting journey.  We tell you where to be, and what to do when you're there.

Brand New Experiences

Discover a side of the city you've never seen before.

Don't Break The Bank

Unforgettable evenings at any budget.

What They Say

Stop Boring Her

Maybe you’ll magically find five hours to scour every corner of Yelp, looking for the perfect place to take her. Or maybe she really does want to go to the same bar and see the same people…every weekend…for the rest of her life…

But if not, we'll save your butt:

The Perfect Night Out - $39

Overnight Trip - $65

We Need A Weekend - $120

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