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Worst Date Ideas - From A Wife's Perspective

Posted on August 16 2017

There are some ideas that, while good intentioned, just need to disappear.  That's why we're here, to make sure you always come off looking like you own the night.  In the meantime, we'll save you some time.  Here's our list of ideas that can get scratched now.

1. Picking A Place You Found On Groupon

For those extra special nights, cut the discount treatment.  We know it's tempting to save a few bucks but waltzing in with a coupon isn't romantic and makes her feel a bit discounted.  Make sure she knows she's matter the cost.


2. Bringing The Kids

Hey, I love my kiddos and we do family nights alot but that's not a date night.  For a special night that can truly be counted as time together, leave the little ones at home.


3. Anywhere That's Got The Game On


Unless the two of you are at the actual game, it's a drag.  I know you love it but we don't.  Not to mention that it's nearly impossible to get your attention.  Date night is for connecting and that's tough to do with a guy that's distracted.


4. Something She's Ill-Prepared For

I LOVE surprises from my husband but am super uncomfortable if not dressed properly.  Make sure she's given time to prepare with instructions.  For weekends away try a mystery packing list.  Put all items needed like a bathing suit, fancy going out outfit, etc.  It adds an additional fun element to spice it up.


5. Hitting The Club

While this was super fun in our early 20's with friends, it's probably one of the least romantic activities you can do now.  Plus, we're tired..adulting is hard and we want something more intimate.


6. Chores

Yes, it is time spent just the two of you but The Home Depot isn't cutting it for a date night together.  You've got half the equation leaving the kids behind, now find something awesome to do.


7. Time With Your Family

We love you and we love your family....but that's not a date. 


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